a fine line..

So lately I’ve been feeling not so hot..  I’m drained of all energy, lacking the ability to even sit up in bed at times..  I’ve been to the doctor once and had blood work done with no abnormal results..  I stopped taking the one med that was thought to have caused these symptoms, yet they persist..  I’m well aware of how much mental illness and mood can factor in to physical comfort (or discomfort as the case may be); however, I don’t believe that what’s currently ailing me is mental, I believe it to be physical in nature..  but thinking about the strong connection between the two, I can’t help but wonder how much, if any, of those symptoms is based on mood and a possible mental health imbalance..  I worry a lot, about anything and everything..  I’m a worrier, I know this about myself, but it’s very difficult sometimes to just turn it off..  it’s not like flipping a switch, though how convenient would that be!  I also struggle with obsessive thoughts, being unable to let a worrying thought escape my consciousness..  scenarios tend to play out in my head over and over, oftentimes with disastrous outcomes..  I am sometimes constantly struggling to keep control over myself, not allowing fear to grip me and/ or paralyze me..  I have no advice for anyone suffering through the same or a similar circumstance, I’m lucky to keep my own head above water!  Though with assistance and professional help, I am working on these things..  some days are better than others, but every day I make up my mind to fight..  and unfortunately that’s how it will be until the end of my days – a fight/ struggle..  nothing comes easy for anyone, but life is especially difficult for those with mental illness..

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